We offer a wide range of anti-ageing non surgical cosmetic aesthetic treatments. We specialise in wrinkle smoothing and dermal fller treatments, to give you a natural younger look.

All procedures are performed by Dr Sobia Syed who specialises in cosmetic aesthetics. We will perform a detailed assessment during your free consultation. Our treatments are bespoked to your needs, and we will always offer you honest advice.

Below is a list of some of the treatments we offer for both male and female.

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Botox® for Wrinkles
Forehead £175
Glabella £175
Crows feet £175
Mouth (for downturned edges) £200
2 Areas – any of the above £225
3 Areas – any of the above £275
4 Areas – any of the above £325
5 Areas – any of the above £375

Botox® for Sweating
Arm pits £350
Forehead £250
Cranial / Scalp £500
Hands £525
Feet £525

Botox® for Migraine
Migraine £300

Juvederm – Dermal Fillers
Lip enhancement £350
Cheek enhancement £350
Chin enhancement £350
Glabella filler (between eyebrows) £250
Cheek creases £350
Non surgical rhinoplasty £500
Mouth (for downturned edges) £250
Marionette lines £250
Nasolabial folds £250

Botox® for Neck / Facial
Neck Decollage £275
Neck £275
Jaw line / Nefertiti lift £275
Smokers lines £200